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Flirty, classy and eyecatching; the stunning collection of the French brand Abricot has it all! The designs from Abricot will make you feel like a real woman and they'll be the gems of your retro collection ;-)

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Aida Zak

Aida Zak, a timeless selection of classic pieces, made with the modern woman in mind. Aida is inspired by icons such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich. The retro gems of Aida Zak will be everyone's cup of tea!

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Alice accessories are playful, cute and só retro! Polkadots, bows, animal print... everything we can't resist! You can't live without these accessories once you have them in your vintage wardrobe ;-)

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Back to the glamorous Hollywood days in the 50s… Amici offers high quality faux fur accessories that make you feel like a moviestar on the red carpet. Describing Amici as elegant is an understatement, it’s super chic!

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The English brand Banned knows that we women love variety and therefore makes sure their collections cover a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for a rockabilly look, a classy look or a fun look, Banned has them all! And on top of it, it’s also very affordable!

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Be Bop a Hairbands

Be Bop a Hairbands are handmade 50s inspired hair shawls with playful retro prints! The great thing about these adorable hair accessories is that they have 2 different prints so you can wear them in two different ways! And due to the wire they will always stay in place! Top hair accessories for a fabulous retro hairstyle!

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The vintage reproduction colours of Bésame are exact the same as the colours used by your favourite Hollywood stars of the last century. Bésame mixed these trends from the past with the best of today. The result? A fabulous vintage inspired and handmade make-up collection! 

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Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is an American fashion designer who has been rocking the fashion industry since 1960 with her one-of-a-kind, unique and original designs. She change with the times while keeping her designs pure, just like back in the days. Sexy, hippie inspired, whimsical and most importantly fabulous!

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Bettie Page Bridal Collection

The stunning Bettie Page Bridal Collection is proudly designed by Heart of Haute! The combination of stunning designs and high quality materials ensure a perfect fit and a dazzling look. Lace, satin, pearls... your vintage wedding dream will become true with the Bettie Page Bridal Collection!

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Bettie Page Clothing

Bettie Page Clothing is a brend inspired by the pinup icon of the 50's: Bettie Page. Elegant, super feminine and sexy; Bettie Page Clothing has stolen our hearts!

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Bettie Page Shoes

We proudly present: Bettie Page shoes, inspired by the same called pin-up model. Glamour chic and super feminine but at the same time very comfortable! 

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Bettie Page

Bettie Page swimwear; the official collection of classy and high quality swimsuits and bikinis inspired by the pin-up icon of the 50s: Bettie Page! Elegant and super feminine!

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Betty Knows Best

Forget about all the household tips you've ever had, they vanish once Betty sets foot in your house. The vintage homewear Betty Knows Best brings humor and real vintage into your household. It has never been more fun to style your house and keep it clean at the same time, hihihi! 

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Beautiful bright colours and lovely retro prints; creations that make the world a little brighter! These amazing vintage inspired clothes are lovely and feminine. A very happy feeling is guaranteed while wearing one of these fairy tale Blutschgeschwister items. 

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Body Jewels

You’d like to get a tattoo but you also love variety? The brand Body Jewels makes it possible to temporarily decorate your body with the most feminine and beautiful tattoos. Elegant, artistic, graceful images that look incredibly real and that boost your rockabilly look! 

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Bright and Beautiful

Bright and Beautiful... The name says it all, you won't stay unnoticed when wearing this stunners! The eyecatchers from the brand Bright and Beautiful have beautiful striking prints and silhouettes in 60s and 70s style with a modern twist. Playful, feminine and everything but boring!

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Bunny is known for its extensive collection of retro inspired 50s clothing. The collection that includes swing and pencil dresses has pit, is fun and fits well with the feminine pin-up style. 

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Butterfly Twists

Specially designed for the ‘girl on the go’. Butterfly Twists is trendsetter as is comes to handy but stylish and comfortable shoes that fit any occasion: shopping, dancing, travelling, … The ballerinas are foldable so you can easily take them anywhere you go! 

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Candy Kisses

De bags from Candy Kisses are real beauties. Whether you are a rockabella or a pinup lady... there will always be a bag which makes your heart beats faster! ;-)

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Canopi Secret Sleeves originated from a simple but brilliant idea. While wearing Canopi sleeves you turn your sleeveless dress into a complete new and classy evening dress. The beautiful and comfortable fabrics of these sleeves create a super romantic and elegant look! 

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Celestine is a jewelry and accessories brand with stunning vintage elements. Complete your romantic retro look with this gorgeous jewelry and accessories!

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Celia Rose

Elegant styles, romantic prints and stunning colours... Celia Rose is truly a brand to fall in love with! These amazing vintage inspired clothes are lovely, feminine and fashionable ;-) Staying unnoticed is not even an option, you'll shine like never before when wearing these stunners!

To collection Celia Rose


Cette is a Belgian brand that stands for the best quality in legwear and shapewear! Cette want to meet the needs of a demanding lady who is looking for quality and for who a panty is more than just an accessory. The Cette tights are sexy, classy and elegant! 

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Closet London

The beautiful collections of the brand Closet London are designed and produced in the heart of London. This English feminine brand aims to dress you in a smart, sophisticated and sexy way. Closet items are chic yet very trendy! 

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Collectif Clothing

TopVintage has the largest collections of Collectif Clothing in stock. The English brand is one of the largest and most famous in the retro world. The collections consist of lovely vintage inspired dresses, skirts, pants, tops, coats, accessories, … Classy chic, sailor, polkadots, pin-up … Also various styles.

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Daisy Dapper

Daisy Dapper is founded after a fantastic trip to Las Vegas. The Swedish brand loves beauty in every way and finds inspiration for her collections in the 50s, rockabilly, pin-up and Las Vegas. 

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Dancing Days by Banned

The English brand Dancing Days by Banned knows that we women love variety and therefore makes sure their collections cover a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for a rockabilly look, a classy look or a fun look, Banned has them all! And on top of it, it’s also very affordable.

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Dandy Life

Dandy Life is a new London label that specialises in the reproduction of the most exciting elements of 1960’s fashion; Mod, Space Age and late 1960’s Psychedelia. Each quality design has an authentic feel, to create a fabulous, true vintage look.

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Daphne is a modern fashion brand with vintage elements like a retro gingham print. Playful, sexy and comfy! 

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Darling Divine

Darling Divine designs the ideal accessories for that ultimate glam look! Think: gems, sparkling rhinestones and more. From necklace to bracelet and from clutch to hair flower. Your outfit isn’t complete without one of the wonderful items of the Darling Divine accessory collection.

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Deer Arrow

The brand Deer Arrow was founded by two Australian sisters who combined their love for pin-up with quirky designs. These handmade jewellery will definitely be your new statement piece!

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Der Vintage Flaneur

Is vintage not just the latest fashion but a way of life for you? Then this adorable magazine will be your bible! Der Vintage Flaneur is a German magazine and a source of inspiration for your entire retro life!

To collection Der Vintage Flaneur


Derhy, a French brand founded by René Derhy, likes to be different than other brands. It stands for a unique, romantic and ethnic style with happiness as main goal. Feminine and very elegant accessories. 

To collection Derhy

Diva Catwalk

Glamour and class, that’s Diva Catwalk! The feminine dresses of this brand have a couture fit that shows your beautiful feminine curves! Classy and sexy…

To collection Diva Catwalk

Dolly and Dotty

The English vintage inspired Dolly and Dotty loves everything that has anything to do with the 50s and it definitely shows in their clothing! Rockabilly, pin-up, fun... every retro style is covered in the swinging and stylish Dolly and Dotty collections! 

To collection Dolly and Dotty

Emily and Fin

The friendship of Emily and Fin led to a jointly designed fashion collection with vintage as main theme. The cotton dresses by Emily and Fin have a good fit and often the most wonderful retro prints. Cheerful, elegant and playful! 

To collection Emily and Fin

Emma Sundh

Emma Sundh is a journalist, blogger ánd writer. She happily shares her passion for vintage. Book lovers be aware; you're going to love it!

To collection Emma Sundh


The clothing of Swedish brand Emmy is classy retro inspired and doesn’t follow the latest trends. Unlike the mass, Emmy creates beautiful high quality clothing with a tribute to the timeless beauty of women!

To collection Emmy


The label Erstwilder, founded in Melbourne, designs stunning limited edition jewelry to give any outfit a playful and colourful touch. Erstwilder shares a love of animals, vintage, rockabilly, pinup, retro and art deco. Get ready to stand out from the crowd when wearing these eyecatchers!

To collection Erstwilder

Esther Williams

Esther Williams Swimwear is the top in 50s swimwear. During the mid-40s / 50s, Esther Williams was THE bathing suit pinup and America's sweetheart for more than 18 years. Thanks to the fabric and the clever design the bikinis and swimsuits are super flattering and make you feel good while wearing them!

To collection Esther Williams Swimwear


The American shoe brand Fabulicious is alluring, flattering and dazzling. The sophisticated and feminine look of the Fabulicious pumps will make you feel self-confident and pretty! They compliment the natural beauty of the wearer!

To collection Fabulicious


Fever London is an English brand which travels the world for vintage inspiration. The Fever collections combine vintage elements, global trends and the feminine silhouette. The result: stylish, elegant and very feminine items with the loveliest retro prints! 

To collection Fever


Fiorella with it's high quality tights and hold ups will give you those "What a woman" reactions! Her classy and sassy pin-up look makes sure you'll feel all femine and give an instant feel good mood! 

To collection Fiorella


Foxy, an English jewelry and accessory brand from London has the most graceful and romantic vintage inspired jewelry! Combine them with a simple dress and your outfit is complete! Foxy accessories give your look that vintage touch! 

To collection Foxy

Frock and Frill

Frock and Frill is a beautiful 20s inspired brand. Always wanted to wander around in a classy and sexy 20s flapper dress someday? And do you love shiny rhinestones and graceful beads? Then Frock and Frill is totally your thing! Unique, glamourous and very very elegant! 

To collection Frock and Frill

From Paris with Love!

From Paris With Love! By TopVintage, our own brand with romantic, cute and unique retro inspired jewelry. Lovely earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and brooches, all with a real vintage look and feel, that seem to come straight out of Paris. Inspired on the 20s to 50s.


To collection From Paris with Love!

Girl Howdie

Oh so retro, that’s Girl Howdies swimwear! The collection is created with real women in mind, suits all body shapes and is incredibly slimming! Playful retro prints, a flattering shape and great fabrics!

To collection Girl Howdie


Glamfemme... Glamorous en feminine jewellery with a vintage look and feel. These beauties will make you shine and are the perfect finishing touch for your fabulous evening look! Be the ultimate vintage diva! 

To collection Glamfemme

Glamour Bunny

Glamour Bunny is a small English Brand that creates beautiful glamour pinup dresses with a perfect fit. Beautiful dresses with stunning fabrics that feel wonderful. The brand absolutely succeeds in her mission to emphasize the beauty of women! 

To collection Glamour Bunny

Heart of Haute

American Heart of Haute, Made with Love and no Regrets! is founded by a mother and daughter sharing a passion for retro fashion! The creation of their collections is inspired by the 50s and 60s, the rockabilly style and pin-up girls. The result: beautiful vintage inspired pieces of clothing! 

To collection Heart of Haute

Hearts & Roses

Looking for cute swing dresses? Stop searching! Hearts & Roses has great swing dresses with the most adorable retro prints like cherries, polka dots, flowers, … prints that are essential for the real 50s look! 

To collection Hearts & Roses


Orginality! That is the key word of the designer Helena Kowalczyk behind the brand Hulahup fashion. She sees her beautiful creations not just as a garment: Hulahup is a work of art. The stunners of Hulahup are Belgian Made and designed with a large dose of passion and joy!

To collection Hulahup

Juliette's Romance

Sweet oh so sweet! Juliette’s Romance is a very romantic, cute yet elegant and classy accessory brand. From top feminine and chic gloves to very romantic and sweet hair flowers… 

To collection Juliette's Romance


Kaytie is a jewelry and accessory brand that always balances between vintage and modern fashion. The collection is a beautiful mix of vintage items inspired by the good old 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s with a touch of modern fashion! 

To collection Kaytie


The creators of the original sneaker, who doesn’t know them? Keds! This American brand, founded in 1916, created the first sneaker and even icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were fond of them! Of course, we need to have them in our web boutique! 

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Rockabella's beware... Killstar is going to be your new favourite brend! Killstar is a sassy fashion & lifestyle brend with an edgy twist. The combination of stunning designs and high quality materials ensure a perfect fit and a dazzling look ;-)

To collection Killstar

King Louie

Make you feel happy, surprised and inspired! That’s the mission of the thirty-year-old brand King Louie from Amsterdam! The most beautiful vintage inspired creations with a touch of authenticity and a glimmer of class. Especially for you available at TopVintage! 

To collection King Louie

Kittees by Mandie Bee

Playful, eyecatching and só adorable... those are the perfect words to describe Kittees by Mandie Bee. Amanda, aka Mandie Bee, was inspired by mid-century fashion as a teenager. No wonder we're head over heels about her items!

To collection Kittees by Mandie Bee

La Parisienne

The name of this brand says het all, La Parisienne. This handbag brand is classy chic. With one of these beauties on your arm, you’ll find yourself directly in Paris. Super feminine, very elegant and with a sassy edge!

To collection La Parisienne

Lady Luck's Boutique

When searching for gorgeous retro inspired accessories, such as handmade hair flowers and bamboo jewellery, Lady Luck's Boutique it is. This brand was created in 2008 out of passion for fashion, style and individuality. The modern woman with love for bygone times, is their biggest source of inspiration.

To collection Lady Luck's Boutique

Lady V by Lady Vintage

Lady V by Lady Vintage is a cute English vintage-inspired brand that creates and manufactures its clothes in London. The adorable Lady V dresses seem to come right out of your perfect dream world; cute and funny prints, beautiful vintage colours and dashing and swinging styles! 

To collection Lady V by Lady Vintage

Lady Voluptuous by Lady Vintage

Lady Voluptuous by Lady Vintage is the classy plus size collection of Lady Vintage. This British brand designs and creates its clothes in London together with Georgina Home, known for her blog 'Fuller Figure Fuller Bust'! Stylish, sexy and curvy: vavavoom!

To collection Lady Voluptuous by Lady Vintage

Lauren Rennells

Famous hair and make-up artist Lauren Rennells works in the photography and film industry. Her passion for hairstyles of the past and vintage cosmetics led her to the writing of fabulous guidebooks that help you create your own vintage look! 

To collection Lauren Rennells

Le Keux Cosmetics

Vintage inspired cosmetics that create the exact vintage look you’ve been looking for! Hollywood style it is! And on top of that Le Keux Cosmetics isn’t tested on animals. 

To collection Le Keux Cosmetics


Feminine dresses with French elegance and a tough touch; that's LE PEP. The dresses of the Dutch brand LE PEP are cheerful, lovely and have a clean look at the same time. They are made with eye for detail: a beautiful button, small embroidery, colourful trims or a subtle bow. L-O-V-E!

To collection LE PEP

Lien & Giel

Colour up your life! That’s the motto of Lien & Giel, a colourful, happy and Dutch brand. Remarkable prints, feminine styles and beautiful fabrics. Ready to add some colour to your life?

To collection Lien & Giel

Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop is the English 50s dresses brand with the cutest vintage inspired pencil and swing dresses! The most beautiful prints, flamboyant dresses, perfect to wear with a petticoat. Simply irresistible… 

To collection Lindy Bop

Little Mistress

Fashionable glamour, that’s Little Mistress form London. Their collections are full of classy but playful dresses and maxis perfect for a chic cocktail party or gala evening. Glamour chic it is, ladies! 

To collection Little Mistress


Lola, the name says it all… Lola accessories are classy and fun at the same time! They totally complete your vintage outfit and give it just that eye-catching and lovely touch! 

To collection Lola

Lola Ramona

The Danish bag and shoe brand Lola Ramona is so rockabilly and pin-up it can’t be missing in our collection. Fun, sassy, cute, eye-catching and oh so retro! While wearing a Lola Ramona you’ll immediately get a feel good mood! 

To collection Lola Ramona


The gorgeous, top quality products from Lollipops will make your heart beat faster. Paraben- and cruelty free and made in France and Italy. Classy Diva, Rockabella, Pin-up girl or Vintage lady... with the make-up from Lollipops everyone will shine like never before!  

To collection Lollipops


The English brand Louche is a vintage inspired chic brand with classic designs and makes every woman feel like a real lady. Lace, bows, prints and very classy; Louche makes our hearts beat faster!

To collection Louche


Inspired by vintage elegance, glamour and nostalgia. The English jewelry brand Lovely makes you immediately think of the good old 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The use of rhinestones, beads and ornate details make these jewelry pieces incredibly graceful, elegant and absolutely vintage!

To collection Lovely

Lovely Legs

Unique tights that add that sassy or cute touch to your lovely vintage look! Lovely Legs tights are sexy, elegant and classy and they’ll definitely give you the real pin-up look!

To collection Lovely Legs

Lucky 13

Shout-out to all vixens, rockabilly chicks and pin-up diva’s! The famous American rockabilly brand Lucky 13 longs for the bygone years and that feeling is shown in their remarkable vintage clothing. Rockabilly it is! 

To collection Lucky 13

Lulu Hun

Lulu Hun is a footwear brand which transports the glamour of the 50s and 60s, to the vintage wearing lady of today. Rockabella, pin-up girl of vintage lover? Lulu Hun will conquer your heart!

To collection Lulu Hun

Mademoiselle YéYé

It’s all in the name, YéYé, this colourful brand is fabulous sixties! YéYé is a genre of French popmusic of the 60s. The name derived from the English Yeah Yeah! And Mademoiselle YéYé is definitely abundant! Playful prints, bright colours and online exclusively available at TopVintage!

To collection Mademoiselle YéYé

MAGIC Bodyfashion

Looking for solutions so you can wear that fabulous strapless dress? Is it your desire to wear those high heels without having painful feet? MAGIC Bodyfashion is the solution for all your fashion issues, pure magic!

To collection MAGIC Bodyfashion

Marilyn's Sparkle

High quality, the use of natural products and handmade with love... the cuties of Marilyn's Sparkle will definitely make you sparkle ;-) The stunning items of Marilyn's Sparkle look like they came straight out of Marilyn Monroe's juwellery box with their super luxurious and fabulous looks!

To collection Marilyn's Sparkle


You’d like to get a tattoo but you also love variety? The brand Mauviette makes it possible to temporarily decorate your body with the most beautiful tattoos. These images look incredibly real and are also designed by the best tattoo artists. This will boost your rockabilly look! 

To collection Mauviette


Milan handbags and clutches add class to your vintage look! They come in many shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common, they are classy chic! Practical and stylish; a must-have for all the classy beauties among us!

To collection Milan


Minueto is a brand born after a search for individuality and passion for everything that makes this world beautiful and unique. A brand full of colour, prints, details and unique styles. Enhance your own style and give it a sparkling touch with the eyecatchers of Minueto!

To collection Minueto

Miss Candyfloss

“I am so glad that I am a woman!”, that’s the feeling you’ll get wearing the feminine and exclusive Miss Candyfloss clothes! This Swedish label creates the most beautiful clothes that underline your femininity and that give your look a pin-up girly twist! Limited collections of which TopVintage has the largest stocks!

To collection Miss Candyfloss

Miss L-Fire

Miss L-Fire shoes are a bit different than the average retro-inspired shoe but therefore even more fun! They are extravagant, outstanding and spicy! Do you like to spice up your vintage inspired look? Then you’ll love the Miss L-Fire shoes!

To collection Miss L-Fire

Miss Sparkle

The name says it all... the stunners of Miss Sparkle will make you shine like never before! With her extensive collection and stunning styles, Miss Sparkle is the first stop-shop to dress to impress. Planning a party? Then take a look at the collection, because it's time to sparkle! ;-)

To collection Miss Sparkle


Sassy vintage shoes with a wink ;-) The shoes of the brand Missy are a bit different than the average retro-inspired shoe, but therefore even more fun! You'll rock any outfit when wearing these shoes!

To collection Missy

Miz Mooz

Miz Mooz, a classy shoe brand from New York, knows that shoes should not only look beautiful but that they should also feel great while wearing them! That’s why Miz Mooz shoes have a comfy foot bed! We are so happy with this lovely brand that for years was only available in several boutiques in America! 

To collection Miz Mooz


Original and refined collections with one of a kind pieces of jewellery... that defines the brand N2! The gorgeous and magical collections are designed for vibrant, funny and quirky ladies with a dash of impertinence!

To collection N2

Paper Dolls

Cute! Chic! Elegant! Paper Dolls dresses are stylish dresses with a 50s or 60s twist. Great dresses for ladies who love a nice little detail! 

To collection Paper Dolls

Petite Jolie

Petite Jolie is très jolie! You just can't help falling madly in love with this cute shoe brand! Happy colours, adorable details and feminine styles; a vintage decoration for your feet and an absolute must-have! 

To collection Petite Jolie

Pinup Couture

American Pinup Couture by Pinup Girl Clothing is famous for her sexy and very feminine clothing. The sassy pin-up inspired items are of very good quality and they have a great fit! TopVintage offers you the largest clothes and shoe collection of this fabulous brand! 

To collection Pinup Couture

Playful Promises

Created by a small team of young women who know exactly what you’re looking for in lingerie. Playful Promises vintage inspired lingerie is a bit sassy, playful and classy! Especially for all ladies who like to be completely dressed in a fashionable way!

To collection Playful Promises


Pleaser is the leading label in retro shoe fashion! De spicy Pleaser pumps are sassy and they take your classy pin-up look to a higher level! Feminine and sexy pumps, that’s Pleaser! 

To collection Pleaser

Poppy Dreams

Unique accessories with cutedetails and a fun twist, that is Poppy Dreams. This lovely brand creates feminine accessories with influences from the 60s and 70s. Poppy Dreams doesn't use animal materials, so perfect for our Vegan Ladies! ;-)

To collection Poppy Dreams

Poppy Lux

Poppy Lux is a English brand by Sugarhill Boutique. The stunning, playful and colourful collection will make you feel like a real woman. There’s no doubt about it, this brand will make you fall in love, ladies!

To collection Poppy Lux


Powder is an English brend that was born out of love for design; their vision was to launch a brand of truly unique fashion accessories. Lisa and Luc, the founders of Powder, are passionated about colour, texture and attention to detail. Loveable and irresistible... that's what the accessories of Powder are!

To collection Powder

Pretty Retro

Pretty Retro is an exciting British brand of retro/vintage styled womenswear primarily influenced by 1940s and 1950s fashion. It offers affordable, wearable clothing without compromising on style or quality. Looking pretty is a piece of cake when wearing Pretty Retro ;-) 

To collection Pretty Retro


Comfy, vintage and rockabilly, those words decribe the collections of the American Retrolicious the best! Playful prints, soft fabrics and a good fit. A combination of vintage and fun! 

To collection Retrolicious

Romance Ain't Dead

Romance Ain't Dead, born in the heart of London, are handmade and edgy jewellery with a classic vintage look & feel. The use of authentic materials and gorgeous designs makes every piece unique. These cuties will complete every retro outfit!

To collection Romance Ain't Dead


As true vintage lover you need to have a Rosie piece of jewelry in your vintage wardrobe! It can’t be missing. This cute jewelry brand makes the most beautiful and prominent accessories that give your vintage look that sophisticated touch! 

To collection Rosie

Rouge Royale

Rouge Royale combines a sexy touch with playful elements. With this tights you'll give your outfit an instant pin-up look!

To collection Rouge Royale

Ruby Shoo

Vintage cutiepies! With a Ruby shoo on your foot, you’ll find yourself right back in the 50s. A feel good mood is guaranteed and the urge to start dancing can’t be suppressed. Vintage shoes with great details and a comfy fit!

To collection Ruby Shoo


Do you like to give your swing dress that little bit extra, that swinging effect? We do and that’s exactly the reason why we added the Sammy petticoats to our collection. Sammy creates beautiful petticoats of at least 32 meter of soft luxurious chiffon! Sammy petticoats are the most popular rockabilly square dance petticoats!

To collection Sammy


Scarlet tights: classic vintage inspired seamer tights and hold ups. These classy seamer tights with Havana heel (a pointed heel) and knitted seam ensure ultimate elegance and sex appeal! Create a classy vintage look with the allure and the glamour of the past!

To collection Scarlet

Sixton London

The amazing garments from Sixton London are inspired by vintage clothes from the fourties through to the seventies. You'll see style accents from around the whole wide world as they travel a lot to search real vintage gems. Timeless, fun, classic and most of all WOW!

To collection Sixton London


Stunning prints, breath taking colours and feminine styles... Skunkfunk has it all! Skunkfunk is a Spanish brand which started selling T-shirts at music festival in the 90s and has grown into a brand with unique clothing in urban style. Like their slogan says; ''Make a difference''!

To collection Skunkfunk

So Rainy

You are always a real fashionista while using a So Rainy umbrella. And yes, singin in the rain, will also apply for you! The playful and colourful retro prints of this brand will spontaneously put a smile on your face. The So Rainy umbrellas are of good quality and they are very user-friendly.

To collection So Rainy

So Retro

So Retro is the ultimate retro eyewear brand at TopVintage! The extensive eyewear collection offers various retro styles; a classy cat eye, a playful heart-shaped one, a spicy tortoise …  The perfect accessory to complete your retro look!

To collection So Retro


Extravagant, outstanding and spicy; Sourpuss is a sassy fashion and lifestyle brand with an edgy twist! The brand Sourpuss shows her love for old school punk rock, pin-ups, sailor, vintage and retro due to eyecatching clothing, accessories and homewear. Spice up your wardrobe!

To collection Sourpuss

Sparkly Breeze

This cute shoe brand will put a smile on your face! The comfy fit with the cute and fun details are the perfect combination. A real must-have for your vintage wardrobe!

To collection Sparkly Breeze


Splendette is born from the love of all things from the mid-century. With vintage as inspiration and lots of passion this brand designs the most gorgeous vintage inspired jewellery with modern day materials. All ladies should have at least one of these beautiful treasures!  

To collection Splendette

Steady Clothing

Elegant and tough vintage classics, that’s Steady Clothing! Their elegant fits and beautiful fabrics make a clear statement in the fashion world! Rock Steady’s own versatile style makes sure both pin-up beauties and rockabellas fall in love! 

To collection Steady Clothing

Stop Staring!

Stop Staring! is a classy retro label from LA creating beautiful feminine vintage inspired cocktail dresses. Stunning styles inspired by the 50s, made of the most beautiful fabrics and with a fabulous fit! Often worn by classy celebs from around the world. Classy vintage glamour!

To collection Stop Staring!

Style Me Vintage

The Style Me Vintage Hair - Make Up - Clothes hardcover books are a must-have for vintage and retro lovers! They teach you all ins and outs about the make-up, hair styles and looks of the 30s to 60s. Easy step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques for a fabulous self-created vintage look!



To collection Style Me Vintage

Sugar and Cake

Rockabilly and tough but with a sweet touch! Sugar and Cake is an American brand that’s very popular among the rock and punk chicks. The Sugar and Cake clothes are a spicy mix of punk, vintage and rock and roll, yeah ladies! 

To collection Sugar and Cake

Sugarhill Boutique

Sugarhill Boutique is an adorable English brand that strives to create clothing with the exclusive boutique feel. And it succeeds! The lovely clothing items are characterized by a feminine cut, playful and unique prints and fabulous details. There’s no doubt about it, this brand will make you fall in love, ladies!

To collection Sugarhill Boutique


SugarShock is born out of the love for knitwear from the 30s to 60s. They get the inspiration for their beautiful designs out of magazines, old family albums, movies and original patterns from that era. Feel the vintage vibe!

To collection SugarShock

Sun Jellies

Sun Jellies is a super fun English brand that combines everything women love; lovely colours... vintage... With as a result super cute bags! The Sun Jellies are true cutiepies, perfect for a retro picknick or a day at the beach!

To collection Sun Jellies

Sweet Cherry

The beautiful jewelry from Sweet Cherry are handmade with love in Belgium. Cherries, strawberries, cupcakes... this brand is perfect for all retro lovers who loves sweets! ;-)

To collection Sweet Cherry


The collections of the famous German brand Tamaris also include some vintage cutiepies! And of course we need to have them in our online boutique. Tamaris pumps are not only elegant and fashionable they are also very comfy and they have a good price!

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Tatyana, the brand that has become famous with Bettie Page Clothing, presents her collections as Tatyana collections now. New 1950's style vintage reproduction dresses, skirts, tops, and sweaters by Tatyana and endorsed by the world's most notorious pin-up queen, Bettie Page herself.

To collection Tatyana

The Balm

The Balm Cosmetics is a Cosmetics brand from the USA with a "Beauty in five minutes" philosophy and paraben and cruelty-free. Thanks to the wide range you create the exact vintage look you’ve been looking for! Make a statement without saying a word ;-)

To collection The Balm

The House of Foxy

The House of Foxy is a British brand with stunning pieces inspired by the golden era; the 20th century. It's their mission to bring beautiful, demure, glamorous and top quality clothing to the world. The House of Foxy has a perfect outfit for every woman and every shape and she'll feel like a real goddess when wearing it!

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The Pink Collar Life

The American brand The Pink Collar Life is inspired by the "Old Hollywood" glamour and "Art Deco" style of the 20s, 30s and 40s. The handmade accessories are unique with vintage allure. Be enchanted by these special items!

To collection The Pink Collar Life

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

The elegant British brand The Seamstress of Bloomsbury is an amazing authentic brand that creates the most beautiful 40s inspired dresses! The designs revive the original 1940’s patterns and designs of Lillian Wells, a talented and famous designer and seamstress who was known as The Seamstress of Bloomsbury!

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Gifts are always nice! But a TopVintage Gift Card is extra nice! Each day new items are added and let’s be honest, which lady doesn’t love shopping and doesn’t love cute dresses, classy pumps, sassy bags and cute accessories?! Exactly... It's the perfect gift!

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TopVintage Boutique Collection

TopVintage Boutique Collection is our own label created with care and love put into it. The passion for vintage in combination with the mission to make you feel beautiful and feminine has led to beautiful, elegant and classy dresses with a perfect fit! Creations that honour the beauty of women! Timeless, elegant & chic!

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Traffic People

Chic, feminine and everything but boring! That's traffic people. Born in the heart of London with new and edgy designs that are inspired by the 20s and 30s. Special and unique with a fun touch! 

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Trinny & Susannah shapewear

Trinny & Susannah, the outspoken couple commonly famous from What Not To Wear, have developed their own shapewear The Original Magic Knickers. The seamless knickers lift your bum, slum your tummy and firm your tights. Trinny and Susannah shapewear is the perfect underwear under our pin-up tight dresses.

To collection Trinny & Susannah shapewear

Unique Vintage

With the stunning items of Unique Vintage, every vintage lover will feel like a kid at the candy store! All items are truly eyecatchers in fifties style ;-) Unique Vintage has stolen our hearts!

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VaVa Vintage

VaVa Vintage is classy and chic! The VaVa Vintage handbags are classic, stylish and super spacious. The fact that they are made of Italian leather in combination with their classy vintage look makes them true Italian beauties!  

To collection VaVa Vintage


 It’s almost impossible to describe how lovely the handmade Vendula London bags are! Beauties, bella’s, cutiepies! They have the most adorable details and they are só special! Prepare yourself already and get used to the question ‘Where did you get that bag?!’.

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Victoria's Gem

Victoria’s Gem is a special accessory brand. Victoria’s Gem accessories are elegant, mysterious and romantic. This brand loves to work with special fabrics like velvet and lace. A special and mysterious look is guaranteed!

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Victory Parade

Victory Parade is unique, playful and ohhh so retro! The classic styles, finest fabrics and eyecatching prints make sure you won't forget the name Victory Parade ;-) Ready to add some spice to your wardrobe?

To collection Victory Parade

Vintage Chic for TopVintage

Vintage Chic combines the trends of the catwalks with the elegance of the past. Wearing a dress of this classy brand from London will make you feel so feminine! Vintage Chic dresses are beauties, eye-catchers, absolute stunners!

To collection Vintage Chic for TopVintage

Vintage Diva by TopVintage

Vintage Diva… born from breathing and loving vintage dresses for years and secretly from within the heart of a very young girl with big dreams. A dream that is coming true and filling in the gap in my heart and our TopVintage collection.

I love feminine silhouettes and I like to add some drama to it so you can sparkle! The way I see it is that every woman is unique and beautiful and you just have to find the perfect dress to emphasize it ;-).

Inspired by all those beautiful women from past decades I proudly present to you our very first Vintage Diva collection. A Diva is in my opinion a precious woman who knows exactly what she wants and what she is worth; I believe we are all created in Gods image and He loves us.

So bloom where you are planted

Owner TopVintage Boutique
& designer Vintage Diva

To collection Vintage Diva by TopVintage


Vixen vintage inspired clothes: sassy designs in the feminine pin-up style and tough items for a great rockabilly look! Vixen Clothing has an extensive collection that includes dresses, skirts, tops and cardigans. Diversity that makes everybody happy!

To collection Vixen

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

Micheline Pitt… who doesn’t know her?! This gorgeous bomshell started next to her model career her own clothing line. The stunning items from Vixen by Micheline Pitt are literally ‘’good things for bad girls’’. Striking prints, curve-hugging fits and eyecatching styles which make you feel like a real woman!

To collection Vixen by Micheline Pitt

What Katie Did

The English What Katie Did totally completes your vintage look. The classic vintage style tights and hold ups with gracious 'cuban heels' are a true musthave for real pin-up lovers! 

To collection What Katie Did

Whispering Ivy

Whispering Ivy, an American vintage brand, offers you every opportunity to embrace your inner vintage vixen! The swinging 50s are the inspiration for the happy and colourful Whispering Ivy dresses!

To collection Whispering Ivy

Who's That Girl

A desire for fun, colourful and comfy clothes was the beginning of Who's That Girl Their statement: ‘If you want to look good, first of all you’ve got to feel good’. And in both missions Who's That Girl succeeds with her colourful and cheerful retro clothing! 

To collection Who's That Girl

Woody Ellen

Woody Ellen handbags are made by Belgian illustrator and artist, Woody Ellen, who hand paints every bag with utter precision and love! Super cute bags with prints of the most lovely and arty drawings!

To collection Woody Ellen

Wow To Go!

A desire for fun, colourful and comfy clothes was the beginning of Wow To Go! Their statement: ‘If you want to look good, first of all you’ve got to feel good’. And in both missions Wow To Go succeeds with her colourful and cheerful retro clothing! 

To collection Wow To Go!


The beautiful collections of British brand Yumi immediately result in lots of ‘ohhhhsss’! Stunning prints, cute models and fine fabrics… In these dresses you’ll shine like never before!

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ZaZoo accessories are so adorable and so retro! Polka dots, cherries, flowers, leopard… Lovely and playful prints that add a little sparkle to your retro look! Must-have accessories! 

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Zoe Vine

Zoe Vine is a London based designer of vintage style clothing for women. The brand was born from a lifelong love of vintage style clothing and fabrics ;-) Stunning prints, striking fabrics and styles which flatter the female figure; you'll find it all in her collection. Alluring, elegant and dazzling!

To collection Zoe Vine
Shop Assistant