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Do you want to enjoy your new shoes to the maximum? These heel grips and other shoe accessories will make it possible for you to walk all day and dance all night in your new 

MAGIC Bodyfashion Heavenly Arches
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MAGIC Bodyfashion Sexy Feet
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Pleaser Heel Grips

Heel grips and other things for happy feet

Here at TopVintage we love our collection of wonderful retro shoes in all shapes and sizes. Apart from that, we think it’s important to offer shoe accessories! For example, we’ll do anything to make sure you order the right shoe size, but of course it’s always possible that your new heels are just a little bit too big. In that case, we’ve got the solution: our heel grips make sure your shoe fits, while also protecting your heels from chafing. We’re already big fans of this invention! Not only will they make sure your feet are preserved, heel grips will also keep your stockings, tights or pantyhose in place! Is it not your heels that hurt, but instead the front sole of your foot? We offer pairs of shoe halters to solve that problem! These soft pads will make your shoe as comfortable as possible, so that even those high heels are not a challenge to wear any more! The other thing that can happen is that your shoes are too slippery. For that, we have non-slips to make sure there’s no way you’ll slip and fall wearing your beautiful retro shoes!

These shoe accessories are a small investment worth making, because it’ll make wearing your shoes as comfy and easy as possible! So next time you’re not sure if your shoes are comfortable enough, don’t worry! Just use these shoe accessories and you’ll be prepared for anything! Order them online in our TopVintage boutique, and see how fast our shipping service will bring you your new shoe accessories!

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