Feel like covering up a bit? Try one of our lovely vintage scarves! Perfect for all kinds of occasions: whether you’re on the beach, at a party, or just need a nice eye-catcher to complete your outfit with! 

2 11 2017
Erstwilder Meow At Midnight Scarf Années 50
Erstwilder Picnic Portrait Scarf Années 50
Wild Pony 50s Jewel Embellished Scarf in Burgundy
Louche 50s Gillams Faux Fur Tippet Scarf in Mustard
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Kiss Me Scarf in White
Darling Divine 50s Bow Collar in Navy
Vixen 70s Twist Plaid Headband in Rust and Green
Powder 70s Scandi Deer Scarf in Fuchsia
Darling Divine 60s Spotted Silk Scarf in Green
Unique Vintage 50s Pin-Up Striped Scarf and Headband in Black and White
Unique Vintage 50s Pin-Up Gingham Scarf and Headband in Black and White
Amici 50s Elisha Faux Fur Scarf in Black and Cream
Celestine 50s Take Me To Marbella Scarf in Beige
Celestine 50s Take Me To Saint Tropez Scarf in Blue
Celestine 60s It Is All About Flowers Scarf in Black
ZaZoo 50s Retro Scarf and Headband in Sky Blue
Banned Retro 60s Love Swans Collar in White
Birds on the Run 70s Cute Cat Drawing Scarf in Rust
Banned Retro 60s Butterfly Collar in White
Banned Retro 60s Swan Collar in White
Unique Vintage 50s Polkadots and Lips Hair Scarf in Black
Collectif Clothing 40s Petra Leopard Faux Fur Collar
ZaZoo Vintage 50s Retro Hair Scarf in Red
ZaZoo Vintage 50s retro sash scarf headband Soft Pink
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