Wild Pony is a brand that focuses on women that know what they want and that are looking for sophisticated and special items! Jumpsuts and dresses, all made of high quality fabrics and with attention to detail. Minimalism, level-headedness and sophistication are the characteristics of this Madrid based brand! 

Wild Pony 60s Muerdag Check Dress in Green
Wild Pony 70s Magnolia Floral Midi Dress in Black
Wild Pony 70s Peonia Geometric Diam Dress in Multi
Wild Pony 70s Peonia Floral Mini Dress in Rust
Wild Pony 70s Peonia Floral Trousers in Rust
Wild Pony 60s Magnolia Check Skirt in Ivory and Grey
Wild Pony 60s Penoia Check Skirt in Pink and Brown
Wild Pony 70s Elsa Dress in Emerald Green
Wild Pony 70s Donatella Floral Trousers in Cream and Blue
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