Sugarhill Brighton

Sugarhill Brighton is an adorable English brand that strives to create clothing with the exclusive boutique feel. And it succeeds! The lovely clothing items are characterized by a feminine cut, playful and unique prints and fabulous details. There’s no doubt about it, this brand will make you fall in love, ladies!

Sugarhill   SS20
€ 84,95
€ 50,97
Sugarhill Brighton 70s Consuela Sparkle Jumpsuit in Black and Silver
€ 79,95
€ 47,97
Sugarhill Brighton 60s Duana Sparkle Wrap Dress in Bronze
€ 58,95
€ 41,27
Sugarhill Brighton 60s Alexandra Wild Nights Midi Skirt in Green
€ 83,95
€ 50,37
Sugarhill Brighton 70s Elspeth Alaskan Wilds Shirt Dress in Tan Brown