We love the 50s! The pin-up and rockabilly styles are very loved but don't forget the glamour! Ohh the glamour... Amici is the best proof. No wonder it makes you feel like a glamour diva with these accessory. It offers you high quality faux fur accessory and the best part, it's very affordable! You can't miss out on it! Leave it to us to find all the best items, Amici will finish your outfit! 

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Amici 30s Rhinna Lace Scarf in Black
Amici 50s Calinda Twisted Polkadot Headband in Black
Amici 50s Caroline Faux Fur Headband in Black
Amici 70s Clara Floppy Wool Hat in Black
Amici 50s Caroline Faux Fur Scarf in Black
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