Food facts about our favourite style icons

The TopVintage ladies aren’t the only ones who love great food & drinks… our favourite style icons also liked to indulge.
Here are the yummiest… uhm… funniest facts for you:

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe…

  • …loved all things beef? She particularly liked steak. And it wasn’t just the taste she enjoyed so much; she also liked the fact that beef is lean meet
  • … once took a bath in champagne, using 250 bottles of bubbly? But of course, the temperature of her bath didn’t quite correspond to champagne’s ideal serving temperature. Such a waste.
  • …whipped two raw eggs into a glass of warm milk to start her day? Her lunch consisted of vanilla ice cream served with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream. For dinner she would have steak, lamb chops or liver that she would prepare herself in an electric oven. She would also eat 5 raw carrots per day, usually served along the meat of her choice. In her own words: ‘I have a rabbit inside of me. I can’t get enough of carrots.’ But to each her own.

Did you know that Brigitte Bardot…

  • …is a staunch vegetarian? She has sold many of her personal belongings, worth hundreds of thousands of euros, to raise money for the protection of her beloved animals

Did you know that Audrey Hepburn…

  • …loved drinking lots of water and eating lots of veg? Eighty percent of her meals consisted of vegetables (especially, fresh, seasonal produce that she bought at her local market in Switzerland). 
  • …kept food interesting by making sure it was colourful, according to Audrey you eat with your eyes first. And it was also a great excuse for incorporating as many vegetables as possible in a meal, because she cared about a healthy diet.
  • …had two food-related guilty pleasures: chocolate cake and spaghetti al pomodoro?
  • …also ate plenty of potatoes? They were a sustainable thing for her.
  • …did eat meat? But not often and only in small portions.

Did you know that Elizabeth Taylor…

  • …adhered to a… uhm… peculiar diet? Her breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon and a mimosa. Lunch was peanut butter on a French baguette. For dinner she had roast chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, gravy, corn bread and a glass of Jack Daniels.

Did you know that Sophia Loren…

  •  …loves eating spaghetti, but only in small portions. Her diet mainly consists of fresh vegetables, pasta and red wine.
  • …is famously quoted as saying: ‘’Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.’’  

Did you know that Jackie Kennedy…

  • …was crazy about a dessert called ‘peaches cardinal’? A dish of poached peaches and raspberry sauce. She also enjoyed light meals with tomatoes and cheese, sometimes she would only eat a potato with sour cream and caviar. But it all sounds yummy!