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Has your size been sold out?

We aim to have all our retro clothing in stock in all available sizes - usually XS-XXL.  However, we cooperate with relatively small companies and besides that we offer exclusive collections. This means that most items are only available in a few shops in the Netherlands or even in Europe. As the largest retailer from Pinup Couture in the Benelux, most of the collection is exclusively available at TopVintage. Besides that, a large part of our clothing is especially produced for us, but never in huge amounts like for example chain/department stores like H&M. So... our items are hot, produced in limited amounts and often sold out completely in no time!

Click on the desired (sold out) size and check if extra info has been added, since we do our best everyday to keep you informed about the latest stock info. However, we can never indicate any exact dates. When an item will be available again, depends on many different factors that can't be influenced by us, such as the availability of a material, the production speed of the supplier, the production scheme, the popularity of an item, etc.

If the information says 'expected delivery date: month X', we know for 99% sure that the item will come back in stock in the mentioned month. Unfortunately, we can't indicate the exact date. If 'expected delivery date: unknown' is mentioned, it means that we haven't received a new delivery date from our supplier (yet). So we can't even help you if you have an upcoming wedding/party/festival, etc...although we would love to help you! The only solution left: make use of the notify option and cross your fingers that the item will be back in stock in time :-D

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