Rock and roll & the good old fifties! That's what rockabilly stands for! You can still find a lot of rockabilly elements in todays fashion, that's why rockabilly is still alive and kicking ;-) If you love a sturdy and unique look, you should take a look at our large variety of rockabilly clothing and accessories. You'll immediately transform into a Rockabella when wearing one of our swing dresses paired with a petticoat or one of our high waist trousers!

Collectif Clothing 50s Tasha Bag in Black and Leopard
Banned Alternative 50s Leo-La-La Collar Dress in Leopard
Queen Kerosin 50s U Boat Long Sleeve Top in Leopard
Banned Retro 50s Leo-La-La Blouse in Leopard
Steady Clothing 50s Diva Polkadot Pencil Skirt in Rust
Banned Retro 40s Party On Classy Trousers in Brown
Be Bop a Hairbands 50s Leopard Spots In My Hair Scarf
Retrolicious 50s Bridget Bombshell Dress in Leopard
Banned Retro 50s Bella Bow Belt in Dark Brown
Banned Retro 50s Rocky Top in Leopard
ZaZoo Vintage 50s Retro Hair Scarf in Leopard Print