New! Vive Maria 50s Wild Rose Shirt in Leopard
€158.95 (≈ Fr.168.65)
€47.69 (≈ Fr.50.60)
La Petite Francaise 70s Robe Raison Midi Dress in Noisette
€89.95 (≈ Fr.95.44)
€41.98 (≈ Fr.44.54)
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Dancing to Vinyls Dress in Leopard Brown
€89.95 (≈ Fr.95.44)
€31.49 (≈ Fr.33.41)
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Vintage Moments Dress in Leopard Red
TopVintage Boutique Collection 50s Croco Love Evening Bag in Black
Missy 60s Wild Leopard Rain Boots
Missy 60s Leopard and Glitter Short Rain Boots
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: Rockin' Rollers Soft Leopard Print Hair Roller and Hairstyle Filler
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