Swing Dresses

Swing dresses fifties inspired dresses with the typical full circle skirt in all colors and prints. They can be worn with a petticoat for a festive fifties look. In our extensive retro collection you will find all kinds of swing dresses for vintage and rockabilly party's and festivals, rock 'n rolll dancing party's, weddings but also dresses to go to work. 

New! Mademoiselle YéYé 70s Boogaloo Party Dress in Picnic Hazelnut
New! Bunny 50s Helen Swing Dress in Hot Pink
Froy & Dind 60s Marilyn Radish Dress in Peach Pink
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Oh Yeah Ginko Leaves Dress in Pink
King Louie 40s Darcy Pablo Dress in Apple Pink
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