Feel like covering up a bit? Try one of our lovely vintage scarves! Perfect for all kinds of occasions: whether you’re on the beach, at a party, or just need a nice eye-catcher to complete your outfit with! 

2 11 2017
Unique Vintage 50s Chiffon Hair Scarf in Black
Unique Vintage 50s Chiffon Hair Scarf in Lipstick Red
Collectif Clothing 60s Pineapple Hair Scarf in White and Green
Collectif Clothing 60s Summer Flower Hair Scarf in Blue and Yellow
€24.95 (≈ $35.69)
€7.49 (≈ $10.71)
Louche 60s Horse Scarf in Black and Yellow
Erstwilder 50s Budding Romance Scarf
Erstwilder 50s Poppy Field Neck Scarf Large
Erstwilder 50s Picnic Portrait Scarf
Louche 50s Rozanne Polkadot Scarf in Light Pink
Amici 50s Gloria Lemon Scarf in White
ZaZoo 50s Chiffon Scarf in Sky Blue
Birds on the Run 70s Cute Cat Drawing Scarf in Rust
Unique Vintage 50s Sail Away Anchor Hair Scarf in Navy
ZaZoo 50s Chiffon Scarf in Soft Pink
ZaZoo 60s So Very Cherry Scarf
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