Airy, fun and elegant: ladies sandals are the best shoes to wear during a sunny day! Not only are they light and comfortable when it’s hot outside, they’re also very feminine and charming. Find a retro pair of this ideal type of shoe here in our boutique!

sandaaltjes 2016

Ladies sandals at the TopVintage boutique

They’re lovely to top off your retro dress with, but they’re also great for spicing up your casual outfit. We’re talking about these adorable retro sandals! Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes: slingbacks, flats, wedges, et cetera. And imagine all the possible retro prints that could come with these sandals – we’ve got many of them! So ladies, how about sandals with polka dots? Bright colours? Or how do you feel about a flower print? Many beautiful retro options are available in our online boutique because we absolutely love picking out the best pairs of retro sandals! Tamaris, Bettie Page Shoes and Seychelles are some of the labels that designed these shoes; labels that stand for good quality and design.

Some of the vintage sandals are inspired by the 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s, some by the 50’s, and of course we have some funky ones that are based on the 60’s. Just the way we like our collection -- retro in many different ways! What these items have in common is that they make you feel your most feminine. No matter if you’re wearing pants, a wide skirt, formal pants, these sandals will make your outfit elegant and unique! On top of that, these vintage sandals are more comfortable than they were back in the day: our shoe labels know just which modern techniques to use to make their shoes easy and comfy to wear. Combine that with a retro deign and you’ve got vintage sandals that are made out of the best of both worlds! 

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