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Project TopVintage make over

Back on July 3 2008 while launching our previous website, we honestly had no idea what it truly means to run an online business such as we have now. I am surprised about the fact that people think that starting an online business is ‘easy’. You have to be an expert in so many things and nothing comes from nothing and you have to work very hard to be successful!

In the relatively short period of our existence, TopVintage transformed from a website with exclusive vintage shoes into one of the leading retro webshops in Europe with new retro vintage inspired fashion. We felt that the look and feel didn’t reflect this transformation anymore. 
We are progressive in all areas and with our previous website we couldn’t apply the latest developments concerning the Internet. It was also imperative to renew our back office to safeguard our high quality and service standards and increase our efficiency. 

With ups and downs, dozens of new designs, many hours of work, despair, frustration and simply just start all over again it took almost 2 years !! to complete the design and back office as it is now! Everything you see is custom made; we do not like to be common! In contrary, we are not finished yet, because we still have lots of new features in store to make your shopping experience even more fun and easy.

Web development

I would like to express my special thanks to Nico Habets from Morgen32 because he has definitely earned it! Nico is a highly skilled professional with almost (!) infinite patience, for it is definitely not easy to work with a crazy perfectionist. His company is residented ‘in-house’, that makes it easy for us, but in his case: no escape! I am sure I am responsible for quite a few sleepless nights … 

Web design

I also would like to express my special thanks to Robin Jacobs from Robina Design.  She didn't have any experience with such a large project, but she did quite a job converting our wishes into the current design: mission accomplished!

Our wish is that you have as much fun surfing on our website, as we intented. However, behind the scenes, we keep on trying to improve our site every single day, so if you have any suggestions, or something is't working completely, we promise, we'll listen!


February 1 2012