Celeb Style

National and international celebs and influencers are fan of TopVintage! See their looks on the red carpet event, photo shoot or TV show, in which they shine in the most beautiful TopVintage items. We are very proud of that! In addition, items from our collection are regularly found in various fashion magazines like Grazia, CosmoGirl, MarieClaire and InStyle. So get inspired by celebs, influencers and (online) magazine publications, ladies! 

November 2017 Catoinamsterdam
October 2017 In Bed met Dietrich en Piaf
September 2017 Miss Foodwise
September 2017 Anne-Marie Jung
September 2017 Vriendin
September 2017 Marijke Helwegen
September 2017 Elsevier Stijl
August 2017 Claudia de Breij
August 2017 Amalia Raimondo
August 2017 Buttercream Bettie
August 2017 Rachel Ann Jensen
August 2017 GTST Magazine
August 2017 Louise D'Ivoire
Augustus 2017 StyledbyRomy
Augustus 2017 Jiji Lamarosa
Augustus 2017 Marie Claire
July 2017 Catoinamsterdam
July 2017 Grazia
July 2017 Styled by Romy
July 2017 Beertje van Beers
July 2017 Maureen Powel
July 2017 KnipMode
July 2017 Kek Kama
July 2017 Vriendin
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