Celeb Style

National and international celebs and influencers are fan of TopVintage! See their looks on the red carpet event, photo shoot or TV show, in which they shine in the most beautiful TopVintage items. We are very proud of that! In addition, items from our collection are regularly found in various fashion magazines like Grazia, CosmoGirl, MarieClaire and InStyle. So get inspired by celebs, influencers and (online) magazine publications, ladies! 

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May 2018 Lily Belulle
May 2018 Madame Chocolatine
May 2018 Lily Porcelaine
May 2018 Rocky Zombie
May 2018 Sarah de Paris- Frivole
May 2018 Stella Rose Cherry
Mei 2018 Haylen Music
Mei 2018 Enie van de Meiklokjes
May 2018 Fiore Vanil
May 2018 Buttercream Bettie
May 2018 Marijke Helwegen
May 2018 Freakin' Awesome3
April 2018 Miss Sissi Hart
April 2018 Julie von Trash
April 2018 Alice Angosto
April 2018 Trends in Riviera
April 2018 Ava Elderwood
April 2018 Flora Vintage
April 2018 Miss Alba Banana
April 2018 Catoinamsterdam
April 2018 Anna von 30sto50s
April 2018 Daria Tarasova
April 2018 Daria Tarasova
April 2018 Questions de femmes
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