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We love the way a beautiful retro-chic hairstyle can immediately turn your look into a success. Afraid you don’t have the skills to turn your hair into an updo like Dita Von Teese’s? Fear no longer! Everyone can do it with these products!

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Der Vintage Flaneur Der Vintage Flaneur Edition 20, 2017
Emma Sundh Guide To Vintage Hairstyles: Vintage Frisuren
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: Rockin' Rollers Soft Leopard Print Hair Roller and Hairstyle Filler
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: Sculpture Pin Curl Tool Box Set
Style Me Vintage A Guide To Collectable Hats, Gloves, Bags, Shoes, Costume Jewellery And More
Style Me Vintage Inspirational Guide To The Hair Make-up And Fashion Of The 40s
Lauren Rennells Create Vintage Inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Vixen by Micheline Pitt DVD Modern Pinup MakeUp & Hair
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles With Step by Step Techniques 2nd edition
Style Me Vintage HAIR Easy Step-By-Step Techniques For Creating Classic Hairstyles
Style Me Vintage LOOK BOOK Step-by-Step Retro

All the vintage hair styles you want

No matter how good or bad you are at styling hair, no matter what kind of hair you have, you’ll manage the art of creating vintage hair styles in no time with these tutorials! With one of these hairdos you’ll immediately feel like a style icon on the red carpet! Some of those celebrities are only wearing a simple black dress, but they look spectacular because of their vintage hair style! So whether you feel like having an extra lovely hairdo for that special occasion, or if you just want to look nice for work – the vintages hair styles you see in these tutorials will make your day! These products are a great gift as well, to give to someone else or to yourself. Back in the day they knew very well how to make your hair look gorgeous. So well even, that these retro hair styles are still a must for every woman that wants to look extra chic and elegant. Because we’re all about keeping the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s soul alive!

We love to collect the best products when it comes to these hairstyles, and we’ve put them all together right here. All our retro hair styling products are by Lauren Rennels, an absolute expert when it comes to vintage hair and make-up. So next time you’re thinking about going to a hairdresser for an extra fancy look, stop! Everything you need is right here in the TopVintage boutique. Fun, fast and easy! 

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