Golden rules 

Lovely lady,

We totally understand that you can’t wait to try on your new purchase. We do have a few tips and requests that will help to make it an even better experience. Thank you for your help and enjoy your TopVintage moment .

Make-up is art… but not if it’s on your new item!
Do you want to enjoy your new TopVintage cutie as much as possible? Then please be careful not to get any make-up or other stains on it. Because then you can show off your new garment without having to wash it first. And it will make us happy too in case you decide to return the item. We hope you understand that we cannot accept returns of any stained items.

Keep it fresh
Did you buy some underwear or shapewear? Then please don’t remove the hygiene or adhesive strip while trying on your item. In case the item doesn’t come with such a strip, we ask that you try it on while wearing underwear or shapewear. Returns will only be accepted if the item is not showing any signs of wear and (in case of a hygiene or adhesive strip) if the hygienic protection is still attached.

Less bitter more glitter
Receiving a TopVintage parcel is always a party and what’s a party without glitter? Did you order a gorgeous glitter dress? Then we kindly ask you to return this sparkling beauty in the box she came in to keep all those rebel sparkles in check. Just to ensure she won’t leave a sparkle wherever she goes.

Did you place a large order?
That’s lovely! Due to the size of your order, we may have sent it in several parcels. So, please don’t worry if a part of your order is missing.