Whether it’s the classic 50’s cat-eye or the big 60’s style designs, there’s a pair of retro glasses for all you ladies out there! Different sorts of glasses go with different kinds of faces, so we filled up our webshop with the best vintage glasses in all shapes and sizes! 

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Victoria's Gem 20s Madame Feline Black Victorian Cat Mask
So Retro 50s Ida Retro Black Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell
Collectif Clothing Judy Classic 50s Sunglasses in Navy
Victoria's Gem 20s Madame Vivien Black Victorian Mask
So Retro 60s Red Hearts Sunglasses
Collectif Clothing Judy Classic 50s Sunglasses in Burgundy
So Retro Baroque Swirl Arms Sunglasses Turtoise
Collectif Clothing Judy Classic 50s Sunglasses in Black
So Retro 50s Lucy Black Polkadot Sunglasses in White
So Retro 50s Lucy White Polkadot Sunglasses in Red

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What design goes best with your face? A round pair of glasses, or a more square one? Do you like the happy 60’s heart-shaped glasses or are you more a cat-eye kind of woman? No matter what kind of retro style you’re into, there’s surely a vintage glasses frame that matches your appearance perfectly. Can you think of any style icon that doesn’t wear sunglasses? No, exactly! They all couldn’t live without. A glamorous pair of sunglasses is an important item to own, because they’re convenient for so many occasions. No matter if you’re at the beach, on the street, or if you just want to cover up your eyes when you’re tired, sunglasses are a retro-chic lady’s best friend!

The collection of retro glasses we have here is represented by high-quality labels like So Retro and Collectif Clothing. Labels that not only design beautiful clothes, but know exactly what great accessories should look like as well. The retro glasses they made go well with every stylish wardrobe. Are you looking for an extra stylish retro outfit to put in your suitcase to go on vacation? Take a look at our shorts, dresses, tops, blouses and beachwear for some more summery inspiration! Ordering online at the TopVintage boutique is really easy; just put your item(s) in your shopping cart, follow the instructions, and you’ll be wearing your new favourite retro outfit before you know it!

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