The perfect gift!

Will you be attending a wedding soon? Why not surprise the bride and groom with a super cute polaroid card and personal fortune cookies?!

Polaroid card

What do you need?

·         Cardstock in a colour of your choice (it won’t come as a surprise that we’ve chosen pink ;-))
·         Photo paper
·         Unicorn sprinkles or glitter (get creative!)
·         Clear cut flush folder
·         An envelope
·         Glitter or gel pens
·         Double-sided foam tape
·         Adhesive tape
·         Scissors
·         Ruler

Step 1
Cut the cardstock to the desired size. You can choose a postcard format but we have opted for a fold card. We use this to measure the exact size. This way you can also be certain that the card fits in the envelop. :-) 

Step 2
Are you also using a fold card? Then start by folding the cardstock to create a card base.

Step 3
Cut out a polaroid frame from the photo paper.

Step 4
Cut a corner from the cut flush folder. The size should match the size of the cut out of the polaroid frame. The bottom and one side of the plastic cover is already sealed, so you only need to seal the other side using adhesive tape. Leave the top open for now, creating a kind of pouch. 

Step 5
Glitters all over the place! Fill the pouch with sprinkles or glitter until it’s almost half full. We have used unicorn sprinkles. So cute! Once you have done this, you can also seal the top using adhesive tape. 

Step 6
Use adhesive tape to attach the pouch to the back of the polaroid frame (the non-shiny side). Then stick the double-sided foam tape on the edges of the pouch. Your card is almost ready, gorgeous!

Step 7
Now all you need to do is remove the foil from the foam tape. Attach the polaroid to the centre of the card and your original card is done! 

Step 8
Now that you’ve attached the polaroid, you might want to add a nice text as well. Don’t forget to write your personal message for the bride and groom on the inside of the card and add some confetti for an extra festive touch :-).

Felt Fortune Cookies

What do you need?

·         Felt in bright colours
·         Glue gun
·         Paper
·         Gel or glitter pens
·         Scissors
·         Drinking glass
·         Paper bag
·         Confetti and ribbons

Step 1
Cut 6-cm-diameter circles from the pieces of felt. Tip: we used a drinking glass to draw the perfect circle. Once you’re done drawing the circles, you can fill the glass with your favourite drink. That’s what we call a win-win situation, ha ha ;-).

Step 2
Take the glue gun and put a drop of glue on the outer edge of the top half. Fold the circle in half and press it together, allowing it to dry well. Now you have a semi-circle.

Step 3
Put a drop of glue at the bottom and fold the semi-circle in half. This should give you a perfectly folded fortune cookie.

Step 4
Write funny wedding quotes and personal messages on the little papers and then insert the papers in the fortune cookies.

Step 5
Time to pack your cookies! You could use a glass jar or a take-away box. We’ve used a paper bag that we’ve decorated with a glitter heart and then filled it with cute ribbons, confetti and of course our fortune cookies. Your gift is ready!