Do It Yourself Anti-Valentine cards!

Do you feel like your cat is the love of your life and do your prefer spending Valentine’s Day at home with a glass of wine instead of going out to a restaurant? Then we have found the perfect pastime for you! Bring out the chocolate and wine, call your friends and organise a fun-filled DIY night. A fabulous night and hilarious Anti-Valentine cards are guaranteed! :-)

All you need is love… uhm these craft supplies!

  • Sheets of cute paper (with patterns, glitter, colours, etc.)
  • Fineliners (coloured pens)
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Printed image of a Teletubby and a lama
  • A coin
  • A balloon
  • Washi tape
  • Cute little trinkets (glitter, tassels, rhinestones)

Single as a coin

Pick a sheet of cute paper and a sheet of paper in a contrasting colour. Cut a fun shape out of the coloured paper (heart or cloud). Write the text ‘Single as a coin’ out in different fonts and make sure the letter ‘o’ is the same size as the coin. Glue the coin onto the letter ‘o’ and then glue the cut-out (with the coin on it) onto the sheet of cute paper. Decorate with an ornate swirl pattern, dots or little trinkets (glitter, tassels, etc.). Single ladies, you rock <3

You blew it

Start with another sheet of cute paper and pick a second sheet of paper in a contrasting colour. Cut the second sheet in a pointed shape and colour the edges black. Clearly write ‘You blew it’ on it and glue this shape onto the cute paper. Then stick on the balloon using the washi tape. Do you dare to send this card? ;)


You can’t touch my Tinky Winky

This card is for you sassy ladies out there! Print an image of a Teletubby and cut it out. Stick this image onto a sheet of cute paper.
Then choose a sheet of paper in a contrasting colour and cut out a fun shape. Write the text ‘You can’t touch my tinky winky’ on it using fun fonts and stick this onto the paper as well. Decorate the card by adding a swirl pattern, adding some glitter or anything else you fancy!

Don’t need your drama llama

Print an image of a lama and cut out this shape. Glue the llama onto a fun card and pick a sheet of coloured paper in a contrasting colour.
Cut a fun shape out of the coloured paper and then write the text ‘don’t need your drama llama’ on it using fun fonts. Glue this onto the card and decorate the card with glitter, tassels, buttons or other little trinkets. No drama with this card, just fun!

 All done? Share your cards using #topvintagestyle. We can’t wait to see them, ladies!


Shop Assistant