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Tops & blouses

Fifties inspired tops and blouses from Pinup Couture, collectif, Miss Candyfloss, Steady Clothing to complete your vintage inspired pin up look!

tops en blouses
New! Miss Candyfloss 50s Daisy Minty Blouse in Mint
New! Collectif ♥ TopVintage 50s Dolores Circus Top in Blue
New! Collectif ♥ TopVintage 50s Nouveau Cirque T-Shirt in Cream
New! Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Zick Zack Knit Top in Blue and Peach
Tante Betsy 60s Apple Grain Button Blouse in Pink
Banned Retro 60s All Over Toucan Blouse in Yellow
Banned Retro 70s Spring Sprig Wrap Blouse in Blue
Banned Retro 70s Spring Sprig Wrap Blouse in Ivory
Blutsgeschwister 50s Sommerliebe V-Top in Promenade Walk Yellow
Blutsgeschwister 50s Mon Coeur Tee in Mister Pot Plant Blue
Bunny 50s Kalani Shirt in Black
Collectif ♥ TopVintage 50s Lorena Balloons Top in Cream
King Louie 60s Isa Daydream Stripes Camisole Top in Blue
Vixen 50s Mariah Maracas T-Shirt in Ivory
King Louie 60s Rosabelle Blouse in Blue
King Louie 50s Lexi Grappa Top in Cream
Collectif Clothing 50s Dolores Strawberry Top in Blue
Tante Betsy 60s Sunday Cherry Shirt in Blossom Green
Tante Betsy 60s Kyra Poppy Shirt in Green
Miss Candyfloss TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Bóglarka Floral Top in Mint and Black
4FunkyFlavours 60s Don't Turn Your Back On Me Blouse in Blue
Banned Retro 50s Floral Lady T-Shirt in White
Vixen 40s Melody Sprinkles Blouse in White
Collectif Clothing 50s Dolores Oranges Top in Navy
Blutsgeschwister 60s Kiss Me Chic Blousette in My Garden Cream
Blutsgeschwister 50s Sunshine Camp T-Shirt in Green Floral
Vixen 70s McKenzie Rainbow Pullover in Cream
Bunny 50s Harmony Top in Multi
King Louie 60s Bella Fauna Knit Top in Cream
King Louie 60s Carioca Boatneck Top in Spar Green
King Louie 60s Bonsai Blouse in Spice Yellow
King Louie 70s Rosie Carioca Blouse in Black
King Louie 60s Sassy Wrap Top in Blue and Multi
Pretty Vacant 60s Gaby Floral Bows Blouse in Cream
Collectif Clothing 50s Chrissie Teacup Stripes Knitted Top in Multi
King Louie 70s Logo Tee in Marshmallow
King Louie 60s Carice Poolside Stripes V Top in Chili Red
King Louie 60s Goldie Valley Bow Top in Blue
King Louie 60s Patty Namaste Blouse in Spar Green
Banned Retro 50s The Classic Lady T-Shirt in Mint
Bright and Beautiful 70s Sydney Striped Jumper in Pink
Bright and Beautiful 70s Sydney Striped Jumper in Brown
Vixen 50s Pumkin T-Shirt in Black
Smashed Lemon 70s Shanna Chain Blouse in Black
Queen Kerosin 50s Classic Tune Up T-Shirt in Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Dolores Butterfly Top in Green
Collectif Clothing 50s Lorena Tropicalia Top in Black
Vixen 50s Mermaid T-Shirt in Pastel Yellow
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