Vintage inspired coats & jackets

Our vintage inspired coats are the perfect addition to your retro look! In our retro boutique you choose from a wide range of gorgeous retro jackets from brands like Miss Candyfloss, Bunny and Collectif Clothing. These beauties make you really happy!

Jassen 4 12 2018
New! Bunny 50s Interstellar Coat in Black
New! Bunny 50s Robinson Coat in Black
New! Bunny 30s Capulet Coat in Wine
Back in stock! King Louie 40s Daisy Connery Blazer in Beige
New! Bunny 50s Millicent Swing Coat in Pink
Rock-a-Booty 50s Cheryl Denim Jacket in Celestial Blue
€129.95 (≈ kr1366.66)
€77.97 (≈ kr819.99)
Smashed Lemon 60s Bionda Floral Trench Coat in White and Blue
€89.95 (≈ kr945.99)
€53.97 (≈ kr567.59)
Smashed Lemon 60s Nelly Blazer in Leopard
€189.95 (≈ kr1997.67)
€113.97 (≈ kr1198.60)
Blutsgeschwister 60s Fuchs und Hase Trench Coat in Sand
Collectif Clothing 50s Becca Rose Denim Jacket in Black
€155.95 (≈ kr1640.09)
€109.17 (≈ kr1148.12)
Collectif Clothing 50s Addy Coat in Green
Collectif Clothing 40s Alana Suit Jacket in Black
Collectif Clothing 40s Korrina Swing Trench Coat in Black
€139.95 (≈ kr1471.83)
€69.98 (≈ kr735.97)
King Louie 60s Debbie Scala Raincoat in Icon Red
€82.50 (≈ kr867.64)
€66.00 (≈ kr694.11)
Miss Candyfloss 40s Adelaide Blazer in Blue
Miss Candyfloss 40s Adrina Short Sleeve Tweed Jacket in Yellow
Miss Candyfloss 40s Clemence Jacket in Red
€119.95 (≈ kr1261.49)
€59.98 (≈ kr630.80)
King Louie 60s Erin Purr Trenchcoat in Putty Ecru
€169.95 (≈ kr1787.33)
€118.97 (≈ kr1251.18)
Danefae 60s Line Softshell Polkadot Coat in Navy and Amber
€159.95 (≈ kr1682.16)
€95.97 (≈ kr1009.30)
Blutsgeschwister 60s Spy of Love Trench Coat in Delft Porcelain Blue
€159.95 (≈ kr1682.16)
€111.97 (≈ kr1177.57)
Blutsgeschwister 60s Spy of Love Trench Coat in Love Me Anchor Blue
€109.95 (≈ kr1156.32)
€54.98 (≈ kr578.21)
King Louie 60s Daisy Tribeca Blazer in Cress Yellow
€119.95 (≈ kr1261.49)
€59.98 (≈ kr630.80)
King Louie 60s Lizzy Vichy Trenchcoat in Sunset Yellow
Heart of Haute 50s Dapper Cropped Blazer in Black
Coming soon Banned Retro 50s Rock n Roll Swing Fur Jacket in Black
Miss Candyfloss 40s Noa Lee Blazer in Black
Back in stock! King Louie Smoking Jacket Milano in Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Charlotte Suit Jacket in Navy
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