Trollied Dolly a small British label Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, two sisters vowed that they would never go back to their jobs in the office and that they would, instead, search for an altogether more enjoyable way of putting wine on the table. So one sister journeyed North and the other journeyed South and inspired by their travels they decided to live for the day and start up their own business.

They had always longed not to be really ugly sisters, to always have something fabulous to wear at the ball and since their best ideas were formed over a glass of vino….they founded Trollied Dolly Clothing for sista’s all over the Kingdom.

They mixed up retro-inspired designs and made them fabulous and fresh by the use of unusual and beautiful fabrics. The Trollied Dolly range reflects the colour and vibrancy of far flung places, lively cultures and perky people, all shaken up with a slice of London Town and a splash of getting’ down!

They believe in a land where bad outfits, dull fabrics and boring basics are banned and dreams of utter wardrobe brilliance really can come true!

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