King Louie

Make you feel happy, surprised and inspired! That's the mission of the brand King Louie from Amsterdam ;-) The most beautiful vintage inspired creations with a touch of authenticity and a glimmer of class. The colourful items will make you dance of joy! King Louie clothing also produces in a sustainable way and the brand is a member of the FWF (Fair Wear Foundation).

New! King Louie 50s Rodeo Queen Tee in Marzipan
New! King Louie 50s Anja Perky Dress in Marzipan
King Louie 50s Portofino Ajour Tee in Pearly Dew
King Louie 50s Roisin Verano Shorts in Cream
King Louie 60s Betty Verano Dress in Cream
King Louie 60s Lucy Breton Stripe Dress in Peapod Green
King Louie 60s Erin Purr Trenchcoat in Putty Ecru
King Louie 50s Purr Bow Blouse in Posey Green
King Louie 50s Anja Purr Pencil Dress in Posey Green
Back in stock! King Louie 40s Heart Ajour Cardigan in Cream
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