Clothing by Bunny is everything BUT boring. The always feminine 50s inspired designs are already proof of that, but the catchy prints and striking, bold colours are always eye-catching as well. Whether you’re going for a sexy pin-up look, looking for a retro rockabilly swing dress, or just in need of some good basics, this affordable brand has it all! How many amazing Bunny items are going to end up in your shopping bag?

New! Bunny 50s Thea Swing Dress in Burgundy
Bunny 50s Philippa Top in Burgundy
Bunny 50s Robinson Coat in Red
Bunny 50s Irvine Tartan Cigarette Trousers in Red
Bunny 30s Capulet Coat in Wine
Bunny 60s Wonder Years Pinafore Dress in Wine
Bunny 70s Jefferson Swing Skirt in Wine Corduroy
Bunny 40s Connie Jumper in Burgundy
Bunny 60s Ricci Dress in Red
Bunny 70s Wonder Years Mini Skirt in Wine Corduroy
Bunny 50s Alex Top in Red
Back in stock! Bunny 50s Polly Petticoat in Striking Red
Bunny 50s Wendi Cardigan in Red
Bunny 50s Retro Short Petticoat Chiffon in Red
Bunny 50s retro Petticoat chiffon Red
Bunny 50s Retro Stretch Belt in Red
Bunny 50s retro Petticoat chiffon Burgundy
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