Blazers & jackets

There’s something magical about the right vintage jacket: it can immediately turn your outfit into a success! How do we define this collection of retro jackets and blazers? Elegant and retro-chic, with a hint of pin-up style and rock-ability. Come and have a look!

Blazer slide 2016
New! King Louie 50s Kings Garden Baseball Jacket in Waterfall Blue
Collectif Clothing 50s Outlaw Biker Jacket in Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Britney Rose College Jacket in Black and Red
Collectif Clothing 40s Diana Herringbone Blazer Jacket in Black
Dolly and Dotty 50s Sabrina Bow Cape Shrug in Red
Fever 40s Amilly Blazer in Charcoal
Minueto 60s Make It Pop Jacket in Red
Heart of Haute 50s Diva Suit Jacket in Red
Heart of Haute 50s Diva Suit Jacket in Navy
Heart of Haute 50s Diva Suit Jacket in Black
King Louie Sunday Crepe Jacket Milano in Black
King Louie Smoking Jacket Milano in Red
King Louie Smoking Jacket Milano in Black

Vintage jackets and blazers

A good jacket or blazer can absolutely make your outfit, and give it a little something extra! It can turn your casual outfit into a chic one, and your basic outfit into a very elegant one. Some have the power to give you just that bit of vintage edginess. Whether you want to look formal for work, extra nice for that special occasion, or just want to make your casual outfit more chic, these items all posses the ‘wow’ effect to spice up your outfit! We’ve selected vintage jackets and blazers with beautiful detail, such as the precise fit, the unique collar, or special fabric.

Of course, finding the right design is one thing -- the other is making sure it fits perfectly. In case you spotted your favourite jacket but you’re not 100% sure which size to choose, take a look at our Sizes and Fit page. Here you can read all about our size charts and how to measure your body. Still not the right size, or not completely satisfied with your purchase? No problem, you can send your item back for a refund or an exchange. So go for that beautiful jacket, and add that bit of chic elegance to your wardrobe! 

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