A line dresses

Our A-line retro dresses are elegant and perfect for every bodytype. Available in several colors and all sizes.

4FunkyFlavours 60s A Womans Love Dress in Beige
Yumi 60s Cheetah Tunic Dress in Navy
Lien & Giel 60s Amy Blossom Dress in Yellow
King Louie 60s Lot Bourbon Dress in Dragonfly Green
King Louie 60s Cecil Bonsai Dress in Spice Yellow
King Louie 60s Zoe Cambridge Dress in Dragonfly Green
Pretty Vacant 60s Sabrina Floral Dress in Blue
Louche 50s Erine Zinnia Midi Dress in Red
Cissi och Selma 60s Alice Diva Dress in Floral Green
Cissi och Selma 60s Monica Krasse Dress in Yellow and Green
Cissi och Selma 60s Asta Vindsnurra Dress in Green and Cream
Closet London 70s Madelyn A-Line Dress in Cream
King Louie 60s Mandy Valley Wrap Dress in Blue
King Louie 60s Namaste Cross Dress in Spar Green
King Louie 60s Gelati Wrap Dress in Black
Sugarhill Brighton 70s Clarissa Midaxi Tigers Shirt Dress in Black
4FunkyFlavours 60s Fun Floral Dress in Blue and Brown
Paper Dolls 50s Marston Floral Shirt Dress in Blush
Heart of Haute 60s Monique Royal Peacock Dress in Black
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