A line dresses

Our A-line retro dresses are elegant and perfect for every bodytype. Available in several colors and all sizes.

New! King Louie 60s Cecil Cherry Pie Dress in Black
New! Smashed Lemon 60s Pippa Parrot Suedine Dress in Dark Brown
New! Compania Fantastica 70s Nalon Floral Dress in Black
New! Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Hip Movements Mod Dress in Black and White
New! Tante Betsy 60s Victoria Retro Flowers Dress in Red
New! Who's That Girl 60s Stef Dress in Wallpaper Purple
New! 4FunkyFlavours 60s The Memphis Train Dress in Brown
New! 4FunkyFlavours 60s Thunder Chicken Dress in Green
New! Tante Betsy 60s Auntie Little Dot Dress in Red
New! Tante Betsy 60s Mila Parkeet Dress in Blue
New! Tante Betsy 60s Foxy Lemonade Dress in Red
Bakery Ladies 70s Lori Corduroy Button Dress in Bronze
Pretty Vacant 60s Lily Fox Dress in Aubergine
Bakery Ladies 60s Jumping Hare Dress in Dark Brown
Bakery Ladies 70s Leaf Velour Dress in Bronze
LaLamour 60s Classic Nostalgia Cross Dress in Multi
Banned Retro 60s Mod Circles Dress in Rusty Red
Closet London 50s Sailor Neck A-Line Dress in Burgundy
Back in stock! Closet London 70s High Neck A-Line Dress in Rust
King Louie 60s Cecil Backbeat Dress in Dark Navy
Back in stock! King Louie 60s Cecil Winsome Dress in Black
LaLamour 60s Classic Cross Dress in Forest Green
LE PEP 60s Francoise Satin Dress in Port
Back in stock! Banned Retro 60s Jeani Floral Velvet Dress in Black
Bright and Beautiful 60s Emily Tweed Dress in Brown
Back in stock! Banned Retro 60s Fashion Faces Dress in White
LE PEP 60s Florianne Dress in Dark Green
LE PEP 60s Fausta A-Line Dress in Port Red
LE PEP 60s Fausta A-Line Dress in Petrol
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Helen Polkadots Wrap Dress in Red
Pretty Vacant 60s Suzanne Ice Skater Dress in Duck Egg Blue
Back in stock! Mademoiselle YéYé 60s April A-Line Dress in Black
King Louie 60s Melrose Cross Dress in Fern Green
King Louie 60s Gaya Apollo Dress in Grape Red
King Louie 60s Mona Mayflower Dress in Orient Blue
King Louie 60s Mona Rizzle Dress in Alpine Green
King Louie 60s Liu Shangri La Dress in Grape Purple
King Louie 60s Dita Whisker Dress in Rio Red
Yumi 70s Geometric Floral Tunic Dress in Black
Yumi 70s Botanical Gradient Tunic Dress in Black
Back in stock! GatsbyLady 20s Downton Abbey Flapper Dress in Plum
Smashed Lemon 70s Blythe Blouse Dress in Yellow
Sugarhill Brighton 60s Lolita Winterberry Cherry Frill Dress in Black
GatsbyLady 20s Downton Abbey Flapper Dress in Black
Smashed Lemon 60s Phyllis Floral Swing Dress in Black and Green
Sugarhill Brighton 70s Reva Having a Giraffe Shirt Dress in Blue
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Oh My Lola Dress in Blue
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Zip It Denim Dress in Dark Blue
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